Singapore Cable Car Chronicles: A Journey Above Singapore’s Landscapes

Singapore Cable Car

Are you ready to get the gorgeous view from the cable car of the city of Singapore? The Cable Car is a popular tourist destination in Singapore, the Singapore Cable Car provides unmatched views of the city’s skyline, verdant forests and famous landmarks. Singapore Cable Car also offers fine dining as you float through the sky which acts as a part of its Sky Dining experience. This is something that adds to the list of views in the city. You get to experience the breathtaking aerial views that spread out all around you as you move 100 metres above sea level on the Singapore Cable Car. The Singapore Cable Car Sky Network connects you to a multitude of experiences while making the trip an unforgettable one. It is the only cableway that connects Mount Faber, Harbour Front, and Sentosa Island. Most of the cities offer you a lot of ways in which you can travel such as Cars, Buses, Trains and so on. But Singapore is one of the cities that offers Cable car facilities as a part of transport for all the people.

Cable Car, Singapore 

The Cable Car is the first aerial cable car network in the world to span over a harbour. A cable car to Sentosa from Mount Faber was the brainchild of the Singaporean government in 1968 as part of their master plan for tourism initiatives in the nation. It’s also a fantastic way to get to Faber Peak and Sentosa Island. On the Sentosa line, a round trip could take approximately 15 minutes, but on the Mount Faber line, it could take about 30 minutes. After the Port Vell Aerial Tramway in Barcelona, which debuted in 1931, it was the second aerial ropeway system in history to span a harbour. It is not, however, the first aerial ropeway system to cross a sea. This amazing cable car offers a comprehensive view of the central business district. This is the reason that makes this place in Singapore a famous tourist place opted by many tourists all over the world.

Lines of Singapore Cable Car system

Two independent lines make up the Singapore Cable Car system that is the Sentosa Line, which runs between Siloso Point and Merlion stations on Sentosa Island. The second one is the Mount Faber Line, which runs between Mount Faber and Sentosa stations throughout the main island of Singapore. Three stations per line make up the system’s total of six stations. Three stations make up the monocable detachable-grip gondola lift system: the Sentosa Station at Imbiah, Sentosa; the Mount Faber Station at the summit of Mount Faber; and the Harbour Front Station which is formerly called the Jardine Steps Station, at HarbourFront. There are two supporting towers in between every two stations. The first tower is located approximately 300 metres from Mount Faber Station; the first tower is located 400 metres from the Harbour Front Station; the second tower is located 500 metres from the Harbour Front Station; and the second tower is located 450 metres from the Sentosa Station.

Routes And Stations Of The Cable Car, Singapore

Singapore Cable Car

The Singapore Cable Car’s Mount Faber Line has three stations. Situated atop Mount Faber Peak, Mount Faber Station provides breathtaking views of both the harbour and the city of Singapore. It serves as the starting point for the Singapore Cable Car.

The second stop on the Mount Faber Line, Harbour Front Station is conveniently located and provides stunning views of Sentosa Island and the city skyline.

The final station on the Mount Faber Line and the point of entry to Sentosa Island is Sentosa Station. Situated merely a short stroll from popular tourist destinations such as Madame Tussauds and Resorts World Sentosa.

Hours Of Operation

The Mount Faber Line of the Singapore Cable Car opens at 8:45 AM and closes at 10:00 PM. By 9:30 PM, the cable cars close for boarding. With a round-trip ticket, you can board the Mount Faber Line at any of the three stations and get off whenever you’d like. You can grab a bite to eat at Mount Faber Peak before or in between your Singapore Cable Car ride. On the Mount Faber Line, Singapore Cable Car also provides an opulent Sky Dining experience. There are a lot of other tourist spots in the mountains which should not be missed. Below is the list of a few places where you can visit along with the cable car experience that is something truly amazing and breathtaking.

Faber Peak Mount

Savour a meal from one of the many restaurants at the top while taking in breathtaking views of the cityscape and the harbour.

Luge Skyline

Experience the exhilaration of a luge ride as you zoom down Sentosa Island’s hillside. An excellent pastime to engage in with your children.

Keppel Harbor

A great spot to go if you enjoy splashing around in Singapore’s crystal-clear waters. Later, stroll along the boardwalk and stop by one of the waterfront eateries for a bite to eat.

Tickets For Experiencing the Cable Car, Singapore

There is a round-trip ticket that is available for people who wish to experience the cable car ride in Singapore. The wheelchair-accessible and stroller-friendly cable car cabins are cleaned thoroughly after each ride. If you decide to upgrade your ticket to include a meal, you can look forward to a memorable sky dining experience. This ticket allows you to see the Sentosa Line and Mount Faber Line attractions on the Singapore Cable Car.


This is a beautiful route that leads up to Mount Faber and onto Sentosa Island. Included in a combined ticket is the Sentosa Cable Car, which travels all the way up to Fort Siloso. Along the route, there are plenty of cabins and beautiful views. In spite of this, there might be a long wait during peak season. It’s the most thrilling way to get to Mount Faber and you get some beautiful views. The noises of the forest that we fly over are something else we enjoy. Two distinct cable car lines exist. One travels along Sentosa, while the other extends to Mount Faber. Both offer breathtaking views. Don’t miss out on this amazing experience when you travel to Singapore. For an unforgettable dinner-in-the-sky experience, you can, if you’d like, combine a fine dining experience with your Singapore Cable Car ride. In 2010, Singapore Cable Car underwent a significant renovation that resulted in the best-in-class cable car seats and safety measures.

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