Which Countries Are Expensive for Travel

Expensive for Travel

Living internationally can be a fantastic experience which are Expensive for Travel, full of excitement, and brings good vibes. However, due to high inflammation, people often realized to move abroad for a better life. And it is a hard choice for various reasons. Leaving your friends and family behind is hard, and taking a startup is more challenging. Moreover, moving abroad can also be expensive for expats.

The price of living abroad differs according to the country and becomes a major drawback in deciding where to move as an expat. The majority of countries simply cost you more for living than others. 

Living without entertainment in any country is challenging, as internationally online streaming costs you more than in New Zealand, drawing people’s attention to How to Watch TSN Outside Canada, among other subscription services.

This blog will examine which countries are considered Expensive for Travel.

1. Switzerland

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It is a known fact that Switzerland ranked as the most expensive country globally for non-natives. The living expenses in Switzerland are high for several reasons: the economy, the standard of living, and the powerful Swiss Franc. 

Major cities in Switzerland have high housing costs, like Zurich and Geneva, with average rents over $2,000 a month. Moreover, the price of services and goods is higher. If you buy one cup of coffee, it will cost you an average of $6.50. It is better to cook at home rather than eat at restaurants when you live abroad as an expat.

2. Japan


On number, we have Japan; without any doubt, Japan is also an extremely expensive country for expats. If we take a look, the living cost in Japan is also high due to various factors like its economy is strong and the high density of population. 

As Japan is good at many things, you can travel to any country with Japanese nationality. Talking about housing expenses in major cities like Osaka and Tokyo is commonly high; you would be surprised to know the rent, which is an average of $1,500 a month, and for only one bedroom flat. 

In comparison, the restaurant’s food, goods, and services cost you an average of $20 to $30 per person.

3. Singapore


For vacation and holiday travel, people usually prefer Singapore, but after knowing how it will empty your pockets, you will definitely never suggest anyone. Singapore is third on the list as the most expensive country for non-natives. 

It is ranked no.1 as the most expensive in Asian countries. However, the expanses of living here are undoubtedly high, not only in the standard of living but due to changes in the economy daily, and it does not have large land.

The price of houses is usually high, with rents famously among expat neighborhoods like Orchard and River Valley minimum of $3,500 a month for a one-room flat. Now you can guess the cost of services, goods & chattels, and local staff are high with restaurants, and other junk stuff will cost you an average of $20 to $30 individually.

4. Norway

As everyone knows that Norway is known to be a beautiful country with less population, but it doesn’t make it less expensive for expats. Norway is the most expensive country because of its living expenses and strong currency. 

The price is exceptionally high for house renting like Oslo and Bergen, costing you a minimum of $1,500 wages for 1 bedroom flat for an individual per month. And if you add services, goods, and one cup of coffee, it will cost you around $5. Moreover, if you want to enjoy attractions or explore Norway, it will cost too much that you can never think of doing extra activities.

5. Australia


You will be wondering why Australia is on this list. However, it is known to be the largest country area-wise. According to some expatistan, it is the most expensive place to move in. Australia gives international and local study scholarships, but it is hard to live as basic expenses are high due to the relatively low population, living standards, and high economy.

Around $1,500 monthly wages for one room flat will be the living expenses in big cities like Sydney and Melbourne. Additionally, the price of goods and online services is not higher than NZ. You will cost a minimum of $20 to $30 per person. 

6. Denmark 

Expensive for Travel

Last but not least, having numerous islands and beautiful architecture, Denmark is the most expensive country for expats. If you want an expensive holiday, Denmark will be best for you. As Denmark’s currency, the standard of living is high, but it is still affordable for tourists. 

The pricing of houses renting in Copenhagen, on average, is $2,000 a month. Furthermore, goods, services, and food will cost you around $40 per individual. And there is one advantage, if you can speak their native language, you can bargain the price.


To conclude, overall, many countries are expensive for expats. Above mention countries are usually known for their strong currency, higher standard of living, and high prices for goods and services.

Therefore, when you consider migrating to another country, you must go through the expenses carefully, as it will influence your quality of life. In contrast, you should decide to move abroad according to your financial, studies, career, or personal preferences.