Solo Travel Guide: Tips, Safety Insights, Destinations

Solo Travelling

Are you frustrated by having to hang around for other people to join you on your trips? Maybe you’re ready to experience solo travel. In recent years solo travelling has become popular as people are adopting more. It’s a great opportunity to broaden your horizons, experience other cultures, and push yourself in ways you never thought imaginable. Everything from planning your trip to packing for safety is covered in this comprehensive guide to travelling alone.

Preparing for Solo Adventures

Solo Travel

A thrilling and memorable solo vacation requires careful planning for the best possible experience. For this, I bring some helpful tips for you to be better prepared for your first solo vacation.

  • Choose a time and place to meet first. This is one of the best parts of travelling alone; you can do it whenever and wherever possible. Consider how much you can see and do in your time and whether you want to dabble in several locations or go deeply into one.
  • Choose whether you want to discover historic cultural sites, want to ride on a bike to remote locations or want hiking across the countryside. Look for traveller reviews about the places you want to explore and figure out transportation and accommodation according to your budget.
  • It is good to make a schedule when travelling alone. A rough plan can save you time and anxiety as a solo traveller. Keeping your plans and expenses in a journal or spreadsheet can relax you.

Safety First


Although travelling alone can be risky, it can be secure if you are careful and take the necessary precautions. Here are some helpful tips to keep you secure while travelling alone:

  • Bring a travel bag that can be locked and hard to grab. Try not to take important documents and expensive items like jewellery.
  • Keep your guard up, especially when travelling at night. If you feel unsafe, switch to any other location or return to your accommodation.
  • Before travelling, research the local dresses and customs of the places you will visit. It’s important to respect the culture of the locals wherever you go, which means avoiding certain activities and dressing differently.

Benefits of Solo Travel

  • Taking a trip by yourself means you are responsible for getting yourself out of any challenging situations that may arise. This can be beneficial for developing skills related to problem-solving, dealing with pressure, and building self-confidence.
  • Self-development is the most common motivation for solo travellers. It can be difficult to travel alone without any person, but many people find the hidden power in them they weren’t aware they possessed. Solo travel is a great time for solo reflection. You’ll discover something new on your every trip.
  • Solo travellers have the chance to talk to many other fellow tourists, make new friends and learn new customs. For example, you might need to ask someone about the best restaurant for dinner. Many locals will assist you, and this is when you’ll get the chance to talk to them and know their culture. Similarly, you can meet others through shared experiences in public places or hotels.

Destinations to Fuel Your Wanderlust

There are many options for solo travellers, each with its special attraction and charm. Whether you love to explore cities, spend time in nature, or want to know about different cultures, these places will give you the best memories of your life:

Cultural Immersions

Solo Travel

Cuba is the ideal location to test the waters of solo travel because it is safe, friendly, and simple to navigate. The ideal beginning is Original Travel’s eight-day cultural immersion tour of Cuba. Meeting and establishing contacts with Cubans are of utmost importance. In Havana, you’ll stay in a modest guesthouse that feels like a home away from home and tour the city with local guides (and, one evening, in a vintage American automobile). Additionally, there are excursions to a tobacco grower in the Viales region and beach time. Access to your private concierge is the cherry on top.

Mexico is great for solo travel because of its welcoming resorts and growing backpacker culture. Not to mention the abundance of tacos, empanadas, and tortas, but the people are warm and welcoming, and the country is filled with cultural landmarks and stunning natural scenery.  

Cancun’s Mayan ruins, Los Cabos‘ whale-watching, Tulum’s Instagrammable architecture, Oaxaca’s tamales and mezcal, and Mexico City’s burgeoning art scene are just a few things to do in Mexico

Nature Retreats

Solo Travel

You’ll have plenty of company on this journey; almost half of the travellers who have reserved spots on Exodus’ itineraries are independent travellers. The unforgettable animal experiences you’ll have throughout the eight-day tour of Costa Rica will bring you closer together. You’ll see turtles nest on the beach, take boat rides into the jungle to see caimans, visit nature reserves to see sloths and seek rare bird species in the cloud forest. The majority of meals are included, and lodging is in cozy places. You will share a room with another person of the same gender; if you prefer a private room, there is an additional fee.

There may not be a finer way to experience Switzerland’s breathtaking beauty than by rail. Get a Swiss Travel Pass and travel as much as you like by train, bus, and boat while passing magnificent waterfalls, woods, and lakes. Then get off the train to see medieval castles, walk in the Alps, and sip Swiss wine.

Vietnam is an adventurer’s paradise. Bai Tu Long Bay, accessible by boats leaving from Hạ Long, features some of the most beautiful blue water and natural scenery in the world. Experience the world’s largest natural cave, Hang Sơn Đoòng, with a guided tour. Full moons in Hội An coincide with the city’s monthly full moon celebration, where hundreds of lanterns are floated down the Thu Bồn River.

Urban Explorations

Solo Travel

In England, take lonely strolls along breathtaking cliffs, through charming tiny towns, or along busy city streets. For any Americans crossing the water, London is an obvious choice. Explore Trafalgar Square, take in the Rembrandts and Cézannes at the National Gallery, or visit The Lanesborough for a traditional afternoon tea meal.

Naturally, there are also quaint English towns that will give you the impression that you have travelled back in time. The history of England is one of its biggest attractions, and you can see enough of it in its picture-perfect castles and the industrial-era cities of Yorkshire.

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