Best Glamping spots in India 

Glamping Spots


Camping nowadays has earned a special vicinity. It has evolved and grown so fast, which might be hard to believe and a bit too tempting. In this kind of evolved time, camping has become glamorous enough to be named Glamping. Glamping spots in India have regularly picked up and have been imparting snug, plush, and luxurious tenting centers to both Indian and global travel junkies. For people who love to experience the rustic and mythical affairs of a setting and try to recreate them by camping in mountains, deserts, and near beaches, glamping is for them. Glamping in India is one of the best activities to do, here you can find several glamping spots where you can enjoy a luxurious stay with all the required facilities. it is going to be a dream come true for nature and adventure lovers So basically, what’s going to manifest is your dream adventures could be given a hint of luxury and lavishness, your thrillful endeavors could get a new deal with, and people expeditions can be completed comfortably without eliminating the taste of journey. Here’s a list of some of the most popular glamping spots in India.  

1. The triangle glamping (near Pune) 

If you are looking for an escape from your busy lives then this glamorous triangle camping site which is located in Solu village sounds like the best spot for you. Here you’ll be able to enjoy your time in a peaceful and calm environment. At this campsite, you will find all the required facilities in luxurious triangle tents.

You can enjoy the bonfire and musical night sitting under the blanket of stars, these luxurious camps have a perfect workstation with charging points in the tents for your laptop and mobile, you don’t even have to worry about the network as a proper wifi facility is available at the campsite. You can enjoy the admirable beauty of nature while attending an office meeting. This campsite is just 20 km away from Pune.  

On the first day, you will reach the Solu village. After reaching you’ll have to check in to your campsites. Then you can explore the farm along with having tea and snacks. Later at night, you can enjoy a delicious BBQ meal, sitting around the bonfire while enjoying the live music. After dinner, you can sleep in your comfortable luxurious tents.

2. Luxeglamp resort, kerala

This is one of the best resorts for bubble glamping which offers a picture-perfect backdrop. This resort in Kerala is the perfect spot for tourists looking for a luxurious camping experience along with a beautiful natural environment. Luxeglamp Resort offers a great view of the lush green landscape. This luxe lamp resort has 6 bubble glamps which offer an outdoor setting of bathtubs and showers. You’ll also get breakfast at the restaurant which is situated in the resort. 

If you book an especially designed bubble Glamps, then you’ll get a personal area with hot tubs, hammocks, and wooden patios. Along with staying in this luxurious camp, you can also try some activities like hiking, bird watching, trekking to the waterfall, boating and you can also explore the farms of tea plantations. This resort is a perfect location for you if you are a nature and adventure enthusiast. Here you can get some amazing pictures clicked with your friends and family. 

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3. tree house glamping

This is one of the most romantic luxurious campsites located in the Himalayas, here you can experience the awe! This campsite is located at a height of 2500 meters above ground level and is surrounded by beautiful forests, rich wildlife, and blooming flowers. If you want to reconnect with nature and want to have panoramic views of the valley of Kully & Manali, then this glamping site is best for your stay. A stay there provides you with a great view of majestic mountains. You’ll get food and dining facilities at the restaurant, you can choose between veg and non-veg according to your preference.

This property is located in a very beautiful location where you can get some amazing pictures clicked. By booking a stay at this luxurious campsite you’ll get an escape from your busy lives, this place is a true heaven for nature lovers. The location is a little hard to reach but all the efforts are worth the view. 

This place offers a clean and hygienic stay, the staff there takes care of all the cleanliness properly. You’ll get home-cooked and delicious food as per your preference of veg and non-veg.

4. Luxeglamp, kodaikanal

The luxe glamping is India’s first luxury camping project which offers a great opportunity to explore the beauty of nature in the best possible way. This Luxeglamp is located in the Poombarai village of Kodaikanal. This place is a paradise for nature lovers, it offers a wonderful view of the waterfall on one side, and on the other side, you’ll witness the most beautiful view of an infinite valley. If you want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city then you must visit this place once in your lifetime. 

Food and dining facilities are available there in the restaurant, you can choose according to your preference in veg and non-veg. You must carry identity proof with you for verification. This wonderful dome is best for spending a long holiday with your friends, family, and loved ones. But you cannot book a stay there with a group of only male guests so, you should plan a stay accordingly. 

5. Glamping club manali  

This is a famous luxurious camping site which is located in Manali, this place offers a comfortable stay facility along with a restaurant and personal parking area. In this 4-star hotel, you’ll get full-time front desk support and you can easily get access to some of the famous tourist glamping spots of Manali such as Manu Temple, Hidimba Devi Temple, and Solang Valley, these places are just a few miles away from the glamping site. 

In the rooms, you’ll get a personal closet, attached clean washrooms, a flat-screen television, and a beautiful balcony with a great view of snow-covered mountains. There are some rooms where you can book a stay to get a hot tub, a patio, and an electric tea pot. 

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6. Chamba camp in ladakh

Chamba Camp helps travelers create real and personal enjoyment amidst the snow-capped mountain ranges of Ladakh and Stok Kangri alongside aesthetically designed rooms that one would need little apart from that in this glamping in India. Chamba Camp provides types of resorts and facilities such as a reception tent, dining tent, and a library. You can also try activities like monastery excursions, archery, horse polo, rafting, biking, and many more are also available to hand. The sunlit wooden interiors contrasted with white linen feel as if immediately out of grand, royal, rustic dreams. One should pay for this once-in-a-existence glamping go to!

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7. Desert glamping in jaiselmer

Desert Glamping in Jaisalmer is one of the best camping in India for people who want to explore the Rajasthani culture, along with a comfortable stay. You can book your luxurious camp stay in Jaisalmer which will feel like you are staying in a room of some historical haveli of Rajasthan. In these camps, you’ll get a facility of comfortable bed, attached clean bathrooms, and great Rajasthani cuisine will be served for dinner.  There are two options available for camps, the first one is luxury and the second is semi-luxury. You can choose a room according to your preference. The best time to plan a stay in Jaisalmer is during winter so that you can avoid the extremely hot weather of Rajasthan. 

Apart from the luxury stay, you can try some exciting activities such as desert safari, camel back ride, flok dance, and local Rajasthani cuisine.  

8. Ranthabore glamping 

Ranthambhore is one of the most well-known glamping spots for a luxurious camp stay in India. You will get two options for booking the rooms in keeping with your choice. Here you could also strive for some of the thrilling sports like jungle safari and tiger spotting. The nice time for booking a stay in one of the pricey camps in Ranthambore is from October to June. 

You can take a flight to Jaipur airport which is the closest airport to Ranthambhore and if you are making plans to travel by using the train, then you could attain Sawai Madhopur rail station and from there you may lease a taxi or cab to reach Ranthambhore. A jeep safari and tiger recognizing interest will upload a little more thrill for your glamping enjoyment in Ranthambhore.

9. Glamping in goa

If you are looking for a luxuries camping in India then Goa is one of the nice glamping spots for the same. This party capital of India offers an extraordinary possibility to revel in a steeply-priced life utilizing the beachside. You can discover the splendor of this vicinity while trying some interesting activities like browsing, pace boating, and parasailing. 

The excellent time for planning a camp stay is from October to January. You can also go to Goa in the monsoon for stunning scenery, however, this weather isn’t ideal for camping. There you could book a semi-luxury camp wherein you may get centers like a comfortable mattress, attached lavatories, breakfast, and dinner in conjunction with a bonfire and jamming session. 

10. Footloose Resort, Manali

Additionally, Located only 8 km from Manali, FootlooseResort promises an away-from-the-world, yet not overwhelmingly-detached experience. It’s a 7-acre apple orchard housing 3 Luxury Geodesic Domes (with and without jacuzzi) and 1 traditional 100-year-old mud house. The site Enjoy the lovely setting of this romantic spot in nature. Sparked with high-end luxury living this space offers a unique and memorable experience. Footloose Resort promises the best view you can find in the entire Manali. Featured in various traditional newspapers and travel magazines, it offers a unique escape in the lap of nature — surrounded by a 200-apple-tree orchard—witness snow-clad mountains from the massive window right from your bed, throughout the year.


A glamping in India is not just a luxurious stay, it comes with numerous exciting sports which you could attempt along with a steeply-priced stay at the campsites. In India, there are various glamping spots wherein you can e-book a stay and experience this once-in-a-lifetime stay together with your group. So, what are you awaiting get geared up for an exciting, peaceful, and luxurious camp stay in India?

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