Guide to the Best 5 Beaches for Summer Vacations

Summer Vacations

Many of us can’t stand the hot weather in the summer and find the need to go to a cool place for vacation. The beach is the perfect place to spend a vacation in summer. It has a cool sea breeze to blow on your face and you can bathe in the refreshing water to melt down the heat.

The following are 5 Beach Spots: 2018 Best Summer Vacations. 

1. Agonda Beach

Agonda Beach is a 3km long beach in Goa, India. Agonda Beach is perfect for getting away from the hustle and bustle of life. This hidden beach is less crowded and doesn’t have as many tourists as other beaches in Goa. If you are at Agonda Beach, you may also want to stop by Cola Beach and Butterfly Beach. Lots of turtles will come to the beach during nesting season. If you want to see the turtles hatching from eggs, you should come during the wee hours. There are hawker stalls lining the beach selling various merchandise. The Bay Area at the south end has calm waves and is suitable for swimming. 

2. Radhanagar Beach 

Radhanagar Beach in the Andaman Islands ranks as one of the top ten most beautiful beaches in Asia in Trip Advisor. It has miles of soft white sand and the foamy blue waves constantly wash up a good portion of the shoreline. The other side of the beach is a thick jungle. On the beach promenade, you will find stalls that sell seafood and coconut water. Beach beds, lounges, and umbrellas can be hired from the shop nearby. Only swimming is allowed in Radhanagar beach. Other activities are banned to avoid pollution. The lifeguards on duty will call back any swimmer that goes deeper than the recommended water level. Shower rooms are available nearby. 

3. Mendocino Coast 

Mendocino Coast in California features a rugged rocky coastline and a long walking trail. It is a good spot to watch the waves beating against the rock and the sunset scenery is breathtaking. Whale breaching is also a common sight in the ocean at Mendocino Coast. You can perform recreational activities like beach combing and kayaking. While visiting this beach, you can also visit the Mendocino village. There are lots of quaint Victorian-era buildings in the village. Other places to visit in the village are toy stores, book stores, Christmas lights, and grocery stores. 

4. Tarkali Beach 

Tarkali Beach is a popular beach with clean blue water in Malvan, Maharashtra, India. It has the most beautiful white powdery sands on the Konkan Coast. Tarkali Beach is discovered only recently so it is not yet commercialized. If you need shade, you can sit under the suru tree. As you stroll along the beach, you will be able to explore the bastions and forts built in the past. Tarkali Beach is less crowded. It offers activities like parasailing, speed boats, horse carts, and camel rides. There are lots of parking spaces for cars and motorbikes. There are many hotels, resorts, and villas to stay and eat the food. If you visit early in the morning, you will be able to see sea birds and crabs. There are also plenty of shells to pick as you stroll along the beach. 

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5. Surfside Beach 

Surfside Beach used to be a remote beach. As years go by, it gets increasingly popular and is now a pedestrian beach. There are a few portable toilets available in the area. You can drive on the beach in your car but you must first pay a small fee to obtain the beach permit. Nearby, you will find 2 restaurants and motels. It is a nice beach for people who don’t like too many crowds and noise. At Surfside Beach, you can collect sea shells, swim, or go fishing on the jetty. There are several beach houses available for rent within a short walking distance.

6 Sicily, Italy:

This Mediterranean island offers stunning views, charming villages, and diverse landscapes. You can enjoy the sandy beaches of San Vito lo Capo, Cefalù, and Scala dei Turchi, or explore the smaller islands of Aeolian and Isola Bella. Sicily is also rich in history, culture, and cuisine, making it a perfect destination for a well-rounded vacation.

7. Kaihalulu Beach, Hawaii

This beach is also known as the Red Sand Beach, due to its unique color from the volcanic cinder cone that surrounds it. The beach is secluded and serene, with clear blue water and lush green vegetation. It is a great spot for snorkeling, as the cinder cone creates a natural barrier that protects the bay from the waves and currents. However, the beach is not easy to access, as you have to hike along a steep and narrow trail. Therefore, it is recommended for adventurous and experienced travelers only.

8. Sand Harbor Beach, Nevada:

his beach is located on the eastern shore of Lake Tahoe, the largest alpine lake in North America. The beach is famous for its clear water, smooth sand, and granite boulders that create a picturesque scenery. You can swim, kayak, paddleboard, or boat on the lake, or relax on the shore and enjoy the views. The beach is also home to the Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival, which runs from July to August every year.

9. Sagg Main Beach, New York

This beach is one of the most popular and glamorous beaches in the Hamptons, a summer getaway for celebrities and socialites. The beach has soft white sand, rolling waves, and a wide expanse of sky. You can sunbathe, surf, or play volleyball on the beach, or visit the nearby Sagg Swamp Nature Preserve, which has a boardwalk and a trail that showcases the diverse flora and fauna of the area. The beach is also close to the charming town of Sagaponack, where you can find upscale restaurants, shops, and galleries.

10. Long Beach Peninsula, Washington:

This beach is the longest beach in the United States, stretching for 28 miles along the Pacific Ocean. The beach is ideal for walking, biking, horseback riding, or driving on the sand. You can also enjoy the fresh seafood, local art, and maritime history of the peninsula, which has several towns, villages, and attractions. Some of the highlights include the Cape Disappointment State Park, which has two lighthouses and a Lewis and Clark interpretive center, the World Kite Museum, which displays kites from around the world, and the International Kite Festival, which takes place in August every year.

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